Saturday, August 05, 2017

My second parcel from HERMO MALAYSIA !

Assalamualaikum :)

Yeay, I just received my second parcel from HERMO MALAYSIA ;)
It only took 2 days for me to receive my parcel from Hermo hihi ! I really love their fast delivery and of course their free shipping ;)

Here it is my parcel 

Like usual , they're safe with the bubble wrap ;)

Things that I bought
1) Skin Food Black Sugar Perfect First Serum
2) Rosken Dry Skin Cream ( Moisturizer )

Its my first time to try on this serum from Skin Food. I bought that because there are so many positive feedback from review so, I pun terpedaya pastu beli hikhik I dont try it yet ;) 
Pastu, the moisturizer memang I selalu pakai pun, I beli dekat Hermo sebab murah compared to if  I buy it at watson or guardian :) 

Okay, tu je nak cerita :P Bye 

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Hermo Malaysia for the first time !

Assalamualaikum :)
okay now I dah rajin update blog hihi ;) *terasa teruja dengan diri sendiri*🌙

Fyi, I really love online shopping ! people said that if we are buying online thingy, when the thing arrived then you will feel like you got a gift for yourself . I FEEL IT ! SERIOUSLY !

Hermo is an online beauty shop Malaysia where you can find a wide range of beauty products from korea and also products from Maybelline, Garnier, Nyx etc etc and dont worry, its 100% authentic 
This is my first time shopping with HERMO MALAYSIA and for the very first time, I want to say that I am very impressed and totally in love with hermo ! I will definitely  purchase more from Hermo hihi .
 I already make a second order with Hermo btw ;)

 For hermo, I give 5 out of  5 star !
why ?

  • Price !!! So affordable and banyak discount and banyak sale hmmmm nangis* . Tak caye pergi jenguk dekat now ! 
  • Free shipping when purchase 2 item and more ! and even if you have to pay for shipping for an item , you just have to pay RM6.80 . I really love free shipping tau ;)
  • You can choose any courier that you like and I choose GDEX 
  • Various of payment method :  Credit/Debit Card , Online Banking , Paypal , MolPay, Manual Transfer ( atm/ bank transfer ) 


Here it is my parcel from HERMO : )

All Products in bubble wrap ! Semua rapi je hihi

what I bought ?
1) Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam
2) Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper

Actually, I just want to buy the cleanser but to get a free shipping so, I bought that blotting paper hehe . The packaging was cute though ! 

Nanti rajin, I post about the cleanser . I totally love it  ;) Thank you for your time hehe .
 Assalamualaikum :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

sleepover with my high school girls !

Tuesday 17/7
Its our first sleepover together after a loooong time !! Me, Aina Syahirah, Qurratul and Syerahusna !
Finally, our plan goes really well yeay yeay alahmdulillah . Dulu duduk asrama selaluu sangat gosip sesama borak sesama tido sesama hikhik rindu :'(

We stayed for one day and one night at Syerahusna's homestay which is just near my house hahaha 5 MINUTES drive je tau uollssss feeling2 tido dekat luar pulak kan hikhik !!
All of us had planned to make a barbeque party at night yehuu so, we brought along all the stuff for bbq

My friends arrived at the house in the afternoon while I had to wait for my little brother finished his school at 4.30P.M and asked my father to send me straightly to the syahirah's house hikhik. So, as soon as I arrived at there, we had Dominos together  . *Typing while craving sobs

And then, we walked outside near the playground in the evening and had ice cream sebab ada pakcik jual ice cream lalu and then bunyi matcool matcool kawanku .............

At Night, after everyone already had shower and perform solat maghrib, we prepared all the ingredients for Tomyam and bbq party yeah and start !!!! I'll show you the picture okay :p

 Then, we had a mask timeeeeeeee ! and selfies time ! hihi. . Please just ignore our face because I know its look so weird hahahahah LOL , But I am gonna share it jugak . I dont care wek

hewwwwwww :p

Okay, dah cantik ! 


Cantik ke idokkkk ! HAHA 

Excuse us please . I just love my girls a lots !!!! Hihi 

Then, we have a movie time ! We watched NERVE . I really recommend all of u to watch this movie because its so great and awesome !  5/5 GO AND WATCH IT !

Watch please , sumpah best hiks

And the hero also handsome , Dave Franco . If you guys had watch now you see me 2 , Yaaaa, Its him but just in a bit botak version hihi 

Okay, Thanks for reading 
Assalamualaikum ;) 

Monday, July 24, 2017


Assalamualaikum semua .

Fyi, I am proudly a penangtite hehehe ;') 

Cuti semester asasi lepas sementara nak tunggu masuk degree bulan 1, 2017, my uni friend aka one of my roommates dekat UIA PJ datang Penang yeayyyyy ! teruk ah baru nak update blog hahahahaha kbye . Hihi so, I became her tour guide even though I am not really a good tour guide ceh haha I tak hafal k semua jalan dekat Penang tuuuuuu hahahaha I'm just familiar with the place that I used to go je hihi. 

But, redah jelah dengan kawan I tuuuuu #sisredahje google kan ade hehehe. 

My friend stay at Penang for about 3 days 2 night . jeeeeeeeeeeee !!! Kejap sangat dia datang tak sempat nak explore all the things kat Penang hihi. Tak sempat I nak tunjuk Penang negeriku yang tercinta ni hihi but kebanyakkannya banyak jugaklah yang I bawak dia pergi . We explore together okay . I pun nak acah2 tourist jugak hiks . 


Tempat wajib kalau dtg Penang mestilah kena explore the street art dekat Penang which is located at Armenian street or lebuh Armenian . Armenian street ni lebih kurang macam laman seni tu tapi yang bezanya Armenian street ni dia tak duduk selari or satu tempat or selongGok . You have to walk and walk until you find the street art kihkih struggle tu penting hihi tapi senang je nak cari tempat2 dia . Don't worry you can find the map dekat mana2 stesen bas, kedai basikal or google or just used your waze maybe you can find it haha !


Kalau I , jalan je hihi sebab best tau kita boleh explore the street hehe pastu acah2 tourist hekhek. Best sangat seryes kalau sape yang suka berp-photography, YOU SHOULD COME TO PENANG !!

Banyak tau lukisan2 dekat street art Penang ni ! Free je nak tangkap gambar dekat street art ni,takpayah bayar pun . Cuma memerlukan kita punya tenaga untuk berjalan jalan hehe ! Its gonna be fun , trust me ;')

Here, I am going to share with you some of our picture at the Armenian street  !


*gambar berdua since ada mat salleh hensem offer diri nak tolong tangkapkan ;')

You can find it dekat one of the lorong hikhik ala jalan2 mesti jumpa hehe 

Thank you for your reading ;) 

I'l update another part of what we did in Penang very soon okay hehe bye 


Saturday, July 22, 2017

eh !

Assalamualaikum and hi readers
*if I have any la hihi !

eh? Actually , I dont have any idea for blogging today but just to update ! sobsss kenapa I always takde idea nak update apa dekat blog ni :'(

Can you give me some ideas ? Comment bagi idea please . Selalu org berblogging ni tulis apa je eh ? I have been wondering cause I always want to update my blog but ya , I dont have idea at all kekadang . Thats the main problem yang jadi problem sangat sangat sebab always membantutkan semangat I yang nak update blog ni haaaaa . see ? how semangat I am . 

Ni pun termenung depan laptop thinking what to babble in this blog ni hahaha !!!! why I'm like this hahaha 

Btw, haritu I menang giveaway SGSHOP MALAYSIA by Iman Abdul Rahim . Tak sangka hihi . TENGKIU KAK IMAN

Okay dahla bebel,


Sunday, June 11, 2017

SGShop Malaysia 10xRM100 shopping credit giveaway by Iman Abdul Rahim

Assalamualaikum semua ! 

Tekan link pada banner kalau nak join giveaway by Iman Abdul Rahim tau ! hehe 

So, kalau nak join this giveaway , Kak Iman suruh buat blog entry tentang "apa yang korang nak beli kalau dapat RM100 shopping voucher "

OMG ! RM100 is just more than enough tau kalau nak shopping barang cantik cantik , cute cute  dekat SGSHOP tuuu, tambah2 i ni sejenis yang suka shopping online , slalu dekat LAZADA AND ZALORA , SGSHOP tak pernah lg try ! 

Bila Kak Iman post pasal giveaway ni, I was like ! ehhhh, kena join ni so cecepat tulis entry blog yang dah lama tak berupdate ni , so disebabkan giveaway ni, gigih tau semata2 nak dapat voucher nak shopping barang2 comel mcm kak Iman shopping , kasut pink and biru yang kak Iman beli tu cute sangat okay dan murah angat !!

So, Kalau dapat lah kan RM100 shopping voucher, first skali, I nak beli kasut macam kak Iman tuuuu yang warna pink tu and satu lagi kasut yang brown in colour yg tali pink tu, comel sangat 

kita pun suka warna pink sangat sangat sangat macam kak Iman hihi . Suka tgk insta kak Iman sebab banyak sgt pink,  in love sangat tau and paling penting SUKA TENGOK MAYSA , she is really adorable and cute . 

Then, other than kasut kasut yang comel tu , kalau i dapat voucher RM100 tu, I nak beli makeup brush set yg ni , dah search sepsiap okay hehe . Act, I tak makeup sangat pun but having this makeup brush set is a must ,  Comel ! Warna pink pastu murah je tau RM18.67 : D

Pastu I nak beli kasut ni , kasut ni cute sbb pastel in colour . Simple but look so nice and paling penting cute hihi . 

Pastu , last skali i nak beli cardigan ni . Dah lama cari cardigan yg sederhana labuh gini tapi susah nak jumpa . Senang tau kalau ada cardigan gini , Kalau dah malas tu time tengah pakai baju tgn pendek then nak keluar kan , sarung je cardigan ni , paling penting PINK okay hehe cute hmmmmmm  ! 

Hopefully , Kak iman pilih sayeeee sebab teringin sangat nak shopping dekat SGSHOP , nak shopping barang barang cute ni . Kak Iman , choose me okay pleaseeeeee hehe . 

Thank you for reading , Assalamualaikum . 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy New Year Darlings

Even though its already 12/1/2017 . Still HAPPY NEW YEAR DARLINGS!


Assalamualaikum , dah lama tak update my blog kan :( Sorry , dah berhabuk blog ni hm . Macam biasa la , bila time i ada mood baru i rajin update kih2 .

So , dah tahun baru ni apa azam awak semua hihi taknak kongsi ker hihihi .

My wish just hopefully that 2017 will be better year than last year .

1. May happiness always be around me and my loves one . Amiin
2. May i become more matured sebab im already 20 tahun this year hm *kelakarhmm !!
3. May success always be with me and people around me :)
4. I just want to be a better person / better version of me than last year . In sha Allah :)

Cukup dah kot , rasanya kalau listing ni smpai esok tak habis hihi . May happiness always be around all of u as well . Amiin :)

Assalamualaikum . Thanks for stopping by and read :)